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We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness.

Everyone has different lifestyles, health goals, healing processes and financial responsibilities. Below you’ll discover the many ways we would like to help you in your health journey.

Striving to provide optimal care to help your body achieve its inherent healing.

As with anything worth achieving, consistency is important. Healing is not linear. Our bodies heal in layers—like an onion—over time. As part of our action plan for you, paired with your health goals, we will discuss the frequency of your chiropractic care.
Ultimately, we desire to help facilitate you feeling your best, help you discover a higher level of health, and create a plan that best fits you and your family. 

New Patient Visits | Chiropractic

New Patient Adult | $130
50-minute session

New Patient Child | $120
30-minute session

If it is your first time at Grounded Wellness, please schedule a “New Patient Adult” (13 years & older) or a “New Patient Child” (12 years & younger) appointment.

Once you are established as a new patient at Grounded Wellness, you can continue your care with either Single Visits or a Wellness Plan.

Our Wellness Plan is $160 for a pack of 4 visits (discounting the Single Visit price to an average of $40 per visit). Once you use those visits, you may chose to purchase another Wellness Plan or Single Visit.

Wellness Plans are individual and cannot be shared amongst family members. They expire one year from the date of purchase.

Payment Methods: We are a cash practice, which means we accept cash, credit, debit, check and HSA or FSA cards.

Insurance: Grounded Wellness does not accept insurance. (We are completely out of network with insurance companies. This helps us care for you to the best of our abilities, focusing on holistic health and wellness.)

Single Visit | Chiropractic

Adult | $65
13 years and older

Child | $50
0-12 years old

Payment must be paid in full during the scheduled adjustment.


Single Visit | $65
30-minute session

Acupuncture Plan | $180
4 Sessions at $45/session

Payment must be paid in full during the scheduled adjustment.

Cupping Therapy

Single Visit | $45
(13 years and older)

Cupping Therapy Plan | none
Currently, there is no plan for this. 

Payment must be paid in full during the scheduled adjustment.

Grounded Wellness Team

Ozone Therapy Insufflation

Ear Ozone Insufflation | $30

Nasal Ozone Insufflation | $30

Payment must be paid in full during the scheduled adjustment.

Hannah Robson Nutrition

Robson Nutritional Therapy

Discovery Call | Free
A 15-minute call to discuss your nutritional goals

Basics of Nutrition | $155
80-minute Basics of Nutrition Meeting

Nutritional Membership Plan | $375
1 hour + 20-minute session, 50-minute session, and additional accountability, support, and communication.

Email hannah@robsonnutrition.com to schedule your free 15-minute discovery call.

Visit RobsonNutrition.com to learn about her plans and unique approach to Nutritional Therapy.

Lilies Healing Hands Logo

Lilies Massage Therapy

Prenatal Massage | $140
(60-minute session)

Postnatal Massage | $170
(75-minute session)

Natural Labour Induction Massage | $190
(90-minute session)

Therapeutic Massage | $150
(60-minute session)

Visit LiliesHealingHands.com to learn more about our specialized approach to massage therapy and discover various massage options to cater to your needs.

Virtue Skin Studio

Virtue Holistic Skin Studio

Sculpt Facial | $160
60-minute session

Our two-part organic sculpting facial incorporates wood + ice and a combination of herbs, clay, and essential oils to stimulate collagen and elastin.

Originating in South America, it tones, circulates, and detoxifies while brightening, lifting, and burning fat in certain face areas. Contour to your desired beauty.*

Sculpt Body | $180
60-minute session

Our all-organic fat-burning body contour. This non-invasive treatment originating from South America uses a combination of ice, herbs, clay, and essential oils to activate the lymphatic system, contour the body, reduce cellulite, tone skin, detoxify, and help blood circulation.

It is applied to the body in a frozen state. This encourages the body’s natural process of cold-induced thermogenesis. Fat cells are then burned to raise the body’s temperature back to its normal state. Toxins and dead fat cells.

*Personalized packages available

Virtue | Organic Facials

The Original | $120

A customizable facial that includes vitamins A , C +E, an array of the strongest antioxidants, and collagen building treatment. It is perfect for all skin types and will firm, brighten, and tighten your skin.

The Works | $160

Includes The Original, plus Gua Sha and LED light therapy.

The Quick Fix | $90

A customizable facial that will lift, tighten, hydrate, and firm.


Dermaplane $75
Gua Sha $45
LED $35
Organic Peel $50



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